Useful Links

This section will be updated with useful links related to various Brain Games.

Useful Blogs and Sites -

  • LMI - Monthly Sudoku and puzzle tests written by many great authors around the world.

  • The Logical World of Puzzles - It contains some solving tips, most notably for Tapa puzzle, easy enough to find.

  • PS's Puzzles - These puzzles and sudokus are mostly of a higher difficulty standard here. There's always the "Easy" category though, so the easier puzzles are accessible enough. Also check out a little column “PADE in Action”

  • Sudoku Mania - Basic Classic Sudoku solving tips, and many great Sudokus and variations.

  • Get Set Go - Contains some basic tips on certain common puzzle types, and also a few good puzzles.

  • GrandMaster Puzzles - Thomas Snyder, Tom Collyer, Palmer Mebane and Grant Fikes post a write-up/puzzle related discussion every Sunday.

  • Nikoli - is a Japanese company that "owns" trademarks for a lot of puzzles, including Sudoku, Kakuro, Slitherlink, Hitori, etc.

  • Sudokucup - organizes a contest every now and then. It also has a Daily Sudoku league

  • Fed Sudoku also offers many daily Sudokus. 3 classics, and a Nonconsecutive Sudoku every day, and 10 alternatives/variants every week.