FAQs and Downloads

Q1) What is the “Chennai BrainGames”? What is the thought behind Chennai BrainGames?
A) WWe Indians enjoy BrainGames - be it chess, crossword or a spelling challenge. So, we thought of creating a unique community event that will bring together city's brain game enthusiasts from all age groups from kids to youth to adults under one roof.

Chennai BrainGames is Chennai's very own BrainGames festival. The Chennai BrainGames is all about having fun! It will be one of the coolest platforms to display brain sport talent! We hope to create an amazing, unforgettable experience for everyone who participates in the Games. The accumulated talent of hundreds of participants in one place will create a milieu that is unique in its ability to transport the mind, atleast during the event, to a different plane. Often this lambent feeling itself will make the participation worth it!

Q2) Who is the organizer of the Chennai BrainGames?
A) Chennai Brain Games is the brainchild of SportzConsult. SportzConsult one of India's premier sport management firms focused on making a difference to Indian Sports. SportzConsult was founded in 2008. Please visit www.sportzconsult.in to know more about us.

Q3) When will Chennai BrainGames be held?
A) Chennai BrainGames will be held on ________________________.

Q4) Where will Chennai BrainGames be held?
A) Chennai BrainGames will be held at .

Q5) Who can participate? What are the different categories?
A) School students interested in having fun playing the brain sport can register by paying a nominal fee. There is no separate category for men and women.
Age Categories:

Unjumble, Spell bee, Picture, Math bee, Sports quiz, Geography quiz, Crossword, Sudoku and Puzzle Chess
Age Category Date of Birth Age Category Date of Birth
U6 KG --
U7 Class 1 --
U8 Class 2 U8 Born on/after 1st Jan 2006
U10 Class 3 and 4 U10 Born on/after 1st Jan 2004
U12 Class 5 and 6 U12 Born on/after 1st Jan 2002
U14 Class 7 and 8 U14 Born on/after 1st Jan 2000
U16 Class 9 and 10 U16 Born on/after 1st Jan 1998

Q6) How many games can I participate in? Can I participate in multiple events?

A) YES. You can participate in more than one game or one set of games. But there are few games that will take place simultaneously and hence you will be able to participate in few games. Like one participating in Chess cannot take part in any of the stage round games like Spell Bee, Math Bee, Sports Quiz, Geography Quiz, Picture and Unjumble.

Q7) Can I participate in multiple age categories? Can I participate in multiple games?

A) No. One can participate in only one age category across multiple games. Yes you can participate in multiple games. But one participating in Chess cannot take part in any of the stage round games like Spell Bee, Math Bee, Sports Quiz, Geography Quiz, Picture and Unjumble.

U7 U8 U10 U12 U14 U16
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 & 4 Class 5 & 6 Class 7 & 8 Class 9 & 10
Chess No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unjumble No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spell Bee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Picture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Math Bee No No Yes Yes Yes No No
Sports Quiz No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geography Quiz No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Crossword No No No No No Yes Yes
Sudoku No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Puzzle No No No No No Yes Yes

Q8) What is the gratification on winning? Is there a cash prize in winning?

A) We believe Chennai Brain Games is more participating and having fun rather than winning! All the winners will be get medals and e-certificates. In addition to individual awards, we have School team championship awards as well. For Cash prize please refer to event details. We believe the fun at the Games, the satisfaction and the happiness of participation will be greater than the glory, fame and recognition that will come along! Winning or losing is up to you. What we guarantee is one hell of a time - wonderful memories to cherish for the lifetime!

Q9) How are points awarded for team championships with in the Chennai Brain Games?

A) Every winner gets points for a gold medal (100 points), silver medal (75 Points) and a bronze medal (50 points). We will add the points of all the students from a school. The school with maximum points will be declared as Chennai Brain Games School Champion.

Q10) What is the registration fee?

A)Rs. 250/- for Chess
Pay Rs. 250/- and participate in any number of games mentioned below:
Spell Bee, Math Bee, Picture, Unjumble, Sports Quiz, Geography Quiz, Crossword, Sudoku, Puzzles

Q11) How can I register?

A) Please visit the http://www.chennaibraingames.in/register.html for more details.

Q12) How will I know if I’m successfully registered?

A) You will be sent a confirmation E-mail on your registered e-mail id. In case you fail to receive our e-mail, you can always call our helpline number.

13) Who do I contact if I have any queries?

A) The help-line number is __________________. Please call us between 9 AM to 7 PM. We will help you with any query in regards to Chennai BrainGames. You can also email at info@chennaibraingames.in

Q14) Can I bring my family and friends to the games?

A) Yes, you can bring your family to the games. Infact, you should encourage your family and friends to participate at the games! What a different way to spend a weekend than regular weekends!

Q15) Will I get a certificate for participation?

A) Yes, an e-certificate will be sent to every participant.

Q16) What are the benefits of participating in Chennai Brain Games?

  1. Helps mental growth - These competitions are the perfect mix of entertainment and learning, that will help in general improvement of intelligence levels.
  2. Improves Logical Thinking Capability - The importance of a solid logical viewpoint cannot be understated. Whether it is basic problem solving, putting two and two together, or writing programming codes in modern day IT environments, logical thinking is an important asset.
  3. Stimulates alertness and quickness - The challenge and the spirit of competition quickens the desire to improve. The interest level builds and the child naturally puts an effort into improving calculation skills.
  4. Develops general feel and fondness towards intellectual games - Exposure to competitions from a young age is an excellent way to make the child feel good about playing intellectual games.
  5. Improves accuracy - With improved alertness, the accuracy also improves tremendously.
  6. Beginning step to National and International level competitions - These easier level games help as experience in a competitive environment, which paves the way for participation at National and International level competitions.
  7. Matching upto those at the same intellectual levels - Chennai Brain Games provides an even playing field, where even participants of a young age can feel like equals to those more academically established. This builds confidence, and lets the Students believe in themselves in spite of age.
  8. General enjoyment - Brain games provide the thrill of challenge, and also an enjoyable application of intellect. Coupled with the excitement of competition, it is guaranteed to be a fun event.
  9. Broadens one’s horizon – One learns new words, techniques, different ways to solve a certain problem etc.
  10. Polishes the skill of strategy building - It can be applied in everyday life as well. It also helps in keeping the brain cells active.