We are always enthusiastic about ideas and programs that help students lead truly balanced lives. You’d agree that sport has lot to offer to any student interested in making it a part of her or his life. The participation in extra-curricular activities programs helps students to develop responsibility and sense of purpose. They create bonds with their peers and become part of new communities. Students learn about their own talents, interests, strengths, and limits. The pride of playing and representing a School coupled with positive values like discipline, determination and fair play that sport teaches, can go a long way in shaping a student’s life.

Chennai’s very own Brain Games festival is back again. The Chennai Brain Games is all about having fun! It is one of the coolest platforms to display brain sport talent! We hope to create an amazing, unforgettable experience for everyone who participates in the Games. The accumulated talent of hundreds of school students in one place will create a milieu that is unique in its ability to transport the mind, atleast during the event, to a different plane. Often this lambent feeling itself will make the participation worth it!

After a huge response for Chennai Brain Games 2013, we are back with few more new and interesting things this year. Chennai Brain Games 2014 will consist of various sports such as Chess, Spell Bee, Mental Math, Crossword, Sudoku, Puzzles, Sports Quiz, Geography Quiz, Picture and Unjumble. We believe there is need for such a platform – not just for talented students but also for the students who love such indoor sports.

Winning or losing is up to you, what we guarantee is one heck of a time!